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Unique to NEFF - TwistPadFire®

An easier way to control your cooktop

An easier way to control your cooktop

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An easier way to control your cooktop.

The new TwistPadFire® makes cooking on your induction cooktop effortless. Simply point your TwistPadFire® towards the cooking zone you wish to use and activate it with a slight touch.

Advantages of the NEFF TwistPadFire®:

  • Responsive, easy activation: On induction cooktops grease and liquid can make your controls frustratingly non-responsive. Simply tilt then twist the TwistPadFire® dial to activate your cooking zone & select the power level.
  • Cleaning has never been easier: When you remove the magnetic dial your cooktop is left neat and uncluttered for easy cleaning.
  • Functional: Once operating, the TwistPadFire® comes with a red ring of light. If user interaction is required the light will pulse, making the dial a valuable tool in your kitchen.

NEFF induction cooktops with TwistPadFire®

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