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Frozen yet full of flavour

Frozen yet full of flavour

For food that loses none of its nutrients – clever storage spaces that cater for all occasions.

Freezers to celebrate taste

Whether you're a frozen peas and sorbet kind of person, or a compulsive bulk freezer, there's an appliance to do the job expertly. Our range of freezers come in different sizes, with LowFrost or NoFrost options, and are easy to combine with our fridges.

Locking away freshness – our built-in Freezers

Locking away freshness – our built-in Freezers

Frozen food that tastes as great as it did when fresh? Our built-in freezers make it effortless. And our built-in bottom freezers use LowFrost to improves performance and reduces frost building up in an energy-efficient way. As it has no internal evaporator, there’s more storage space, and you only need to defrost your freezer every 2-3 years. Many models come with NoFrost, so there's no need to defrost manually. They use a fan to blow air over the food to avoid condensation and to prevent frost building up. Plus, you won't end up with food stuck together. Our top of the range freezers have extremely durable LED lights that emit no heat. A handy feature when you're searching for that favourite tub of ice-cream. Thanks to SoftClose, the freezer closes automatically up to a 20° angle, so your food is never spoiled. Some models also come with handy pull-out glass shelves.

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Sleek & frozen – our free-standing Freezers

Sleek & frozen – our free-standing Freezers

When it comes to freezing great quantities of food for a larger household, our free-standing model is hard to beat. The sleek stainless steel design suits contemporary kitchens well. It can be combined with a free-standing fridge to create an extra spacious and convenient Side-by-Side unit. Our A++ rated free-standing freezer is filled with clever functions like MultiAirFlow Cooling. It greatly improves cool air circulation around the freezer, and ensures the desired temperature is reached quickly. TouchControl allows you to regulate the temperature simply via the digital display. You won’t need to defrost the freezer either, as NoFrost prevents frost build up. Flexible, removable glass shelves and drawers make it easy to organise anything from the smallest ice cream pot to a large chicken. And if you accidentally leave the door open, an alarm sounds. Lots of inspiring ideas to lock in the goodness for your creations.

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