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Your one-stop food preservation hero

Your one-stop food preservation hero

Our fridge-freezers are just as flexible as you want your kitchen to be – from single streamlined appliance, over/under unit to Side-by-Side model.

Fridge-Freezers for versatile freshness

Our fridge-freezers offer plenty of choices for passionate cooks. They are designed to fit around your kitchen space, and your personal cooking style. That’s why our range is flexible on the inside, too: rearrange the compartments to make best use of space, choose one of two FreshSafe options to lock in freshness, flavour and nutrients, and never defrost again with NoFrost.

Our built-in Fridge-Freezers

Flexible freshness – our built-in Fridge-Freezers

Our large built-in Fridge-Freezer range simply works around you and the storage space you need. Choose between different widths and heights, as well as individual cooling-to-freezing compartment ratios: 70/30, if you source most of your meals from fresh, or 50/50, if you like to have equal room for freshness locked away in the freezer. There's no shortage of inspiring features inside either. Our fridge-freezers help you store your food in the most convenient way. Flexible shelves can be adjusted, in the fridge and freezer compartment. And there's also our FreshSafe food preservation system: FreshSafe 2 features a high humidity drawer that ensures your fruit and vegetables stay fresh and keep their bite twice as long. FreshSafe 3 has two near-zero-degree climate zones that keep fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese fresh up to three times longer. That’s a great way to lock in vitamins and nutrients, and to keep tenderloins triple-fresh. And thanks to NoFrost, defrosting your freezer is a thing long past its sell-by date.

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Our free-standing Fridge-Freezers

Simply independent – our free-standing Fridge-Freezers

If you prefer an independent unit that combines lots of inspired features in one practical appliance, our free-standing fridge-freezers are a good option. Flexible storage ideas with adaptable shelves in fridge and freezer section make stocking up as easy as pie. Choose between a range of FreshSafe food preservation drawers to keep your favourite ingredients fresh for longer: fridge-freezers with FreshSafe 1 have three drawers, including one for fruit and vegetables, and two drawers with temperatures nearly as low as 0°C – ideal for storing meat, fish and hard cheese. FreshSafe 2 has a drawer with an adjustable humidity slider, so you can set the optimum humidity level to keep apples and carrots fresh for twice as long. FreshSafe 3 has two near-zero-degree climate zones that keep fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese fresh up to three times longer. And NoFrost means just that: No defrosting, more time for cooking.

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