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Looking after the machines that look after the food you love: Support for your NEFF fridge or freezer.

Hands-on support from NEFF ensures that your groceries won't have to stay out of the cold for long.

Even the best kitchen equipment occasionally needs a little extra attention. NEFF engineers are of course always happy to help with your fridge or freezer, but a few handy tips often go a long way to ensuring things get back to normal fast – and your prized provisions remain perfectly preserved.

Please use the NEFF Online Appliance Assistant to check our tips and tricks for maintaining and repairing your NEFF fridge or freezer.

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With NEFF Services you get an outstanding level of care with your appliance. A service that's reliable, competent and fast, both before and after your purchase.

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Repair service

You do your job best, we do ours. Should you require professional assistance, we can arrange for a NEFF trained technician in your vicinity to come and fix your appliance, at a time that's suitable for you.

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Spare Parts and Accessories

Take a look at our extensive range of tested and approved spare parts and accessories for inspiration. Our cleaning and care products can help you maintain the showroom effect and get the best out of your appliance.

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