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Latest Reviews

The hide and slide feature is fantastic!

I have replaced my first Neff with the latest model!

Amazing - best oven I have ever used!

We recently renovated our kitchen and included all NEFF products (oven, dishwasher, hotplate and rangehood) and a couple of days ago, I cooked our first dish in the oven - it was fantastic. The oven is easy to use - has all the features you would want for a busy household - and very intuitive to use - with a timer, clear view of the food, retractable door, and a range of food settings and more - even useful hints! The food turned out absolutely fantastic - was cooked evenly, perfect temperature throughout and with a nice crusty cheesy top! Yum! Forgot to take photos - too busy eating!

Purchased this amazing oven a few months ago

The first time I cooked Beef Wellington in this oven ..... came out perfect. All other baking results were just as good. I use the oven at least 4 times a week.


This is the third NEFF oven I have purchased to install in my home, and I continue to be delighted by the quality every time. The ovens are a joy to use and their self cleaning function does what is promised - the oven looks brand new again. The telescopic rails and slide and hide door means there is no reaching into hot spaces or having to be careful when the door is open. Best of all the different cooking functions helps to produce perfectly cooked food every time. Well done NEFF!

Great Features

I bought this oven about 2 months ago and I could not be happier. I love the hide and slide door. It heats up so quickly and it does not heat the kitchen. The best feature is that cooks beautifully, I am so glad that I took the time to look around and found the right oven.

Great Oven

I have had my new oven for a few weeks now and love it. I never expected there to be such a difference in ovens, but there sure is. I have found the oven to cook quickly and cleanly, no escaping heat or smells. The control panel is easy to use and clear to read. If I'm unsure of the best program to use I just check the book. Everything I have cooked so far has worked out well. It is such a great oven.