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Latest Reviews

Great oven

So far everything I’ve made has turned out quite nicely. I find cleaning it out at the end of a steam use function a little annoying. I tried to get the free cookbook online but I couldn’t find where to do this - the lady at the cooking presentation said if I leave a comment here someone would get back to me. I’m looking forward to preparing recipes specifically designed for the Neff oven.

Great Value for money

Just purchased it and am amassed the difference cooking using steam is this is a great oven

Once you go Neff you never go back!

I have three Neff products (Induction cooktop, vario and full steam ovens), and I can honestly say, this has been an investment well worth it’s weight in gold. I’m a passionate cook with a growing family and my Neff products have not only made mealtimes much more efficient, but they’ve also allowed me to stretch my skills through the innovative range of features (eg. sous vide, bread proving and baking etc...). At first I thought the sheer volume of features was over the top, but once I went to a post-purchase demonstration, it completely changed my mind and approach to cooking. The induction cooktop is so easy to use and clean and the heat increments are far better than any gas cooktop I’ve ever used. The after market customer service has also been really great.

Great Oven

Love this product. Easy and simple.

Exceptional versatility

A whole new way of cooking. Easy, fresh and delicious

Not your normal oven-this is amazing!

I had no idea how great the oven was when I bought it. I was looking for a healthier and tastier way to cook but the full steam oven offers so much more. Veggies are so much tastier and meats, especially chicken, are moist and tender. I would highly recommend attending the Neff cooking demonstrations to really understand how versatile and easy this oven is to operate.