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Heat adjustment at your fingertips

Whether you're cooking slow or searing a steak - with FlameSelect® you can adjust the size of the flame precisely and intuitively with 9 flame levels.

The right cooktop for every cooking style

Everyone’s different, but the chances are we have a cooktop that suits you and the way you like to cook. Like the control and responsiveness of gas? We have a premium range to choose from. Or you may want to consider induction – quicker than gas, equally as responsive and very easy to clean and maintain.

Fast and flexible - our Induction cooktops


For entertainers, professional cooks or large families, our induction cooktops provide smart solutions for demanding requirements. Our FlexInduction cooktops allow you to move your cookware freely around on the cooktop. The pots are automatically detected and heat applied where it's needed. But there's more to our induction cooktops to guide you to a tasty result. The TwistPadFire® magnetic dial offers the responsive, easy activation. A simple rotating motion with your finger on the removable dial allows you to set the temperature.

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Ingenious flames - our Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops with FlameSelect®

With our innovative 9-level FlameSelect® you can now adjust your gas cooktop flame just like on an induction cooktop. Just select one of the nine levels and you can see how the flame becomes larger or smaller just as you need it. Our gas cooktop range includes three widths with four to five burners so you can design your kitchen to fit your cooking preferances.

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 For every form of passion - our Ceramic Cooktops


With their frameless design, our electric cooktops standout in any kitchen, with up to 17 power settings our electric cooktops makes preparing the next feast as easy as pie.

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Our Vented Cooktops- free up your kitchen.

Vented FlexInduction

The perfect solution for an island bench setting with nothing overhead. The flexInduction cooktop with downdraft ventilation is every bit a cooktop, with all the features that make it a NEFF. But do you see that thing in the middle? That’s ventilation, for getting rid of steam and smells before they can spread around the kitchen.

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 Hob Accessories

Cooktop Accessories

There are many ways to keep cooking exciting. Having the right tools, for one. In our expansive accessories range, you’ll find pots and pans that we have created especially for our induction hobs. You can add a wok ring to your gas hob, find teppan yaki roasting dishes for your FlexInduction or choose from a selection of fine utensils like knives and spatulas. And when you’re done with creating your kitchen magic, we’ve also got the right cleaning and caring products to keep your appliance in great shape – for many cooking sessions to come.

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