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The Only Oven with the disappearing door

The Only Oven with the disappearing doors now cleans itself

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The only fully retractable oven door.

The unique NEFF Slide&Hide® oven door ensures easy access to your cooking, providing a safe, stylish and convenient addition to your kitchen.

Advantages of the NEFF Slide&Hide®:

  • Better access: Slide&Hide® allows for flexible cooking, letting you baste, taste and monitor food easily during the cooking process.
  • Easier lifting: With better access to the oven cavity, it’s also easier to lift out heavy or large items, avoiding the dangers of drops or spills.
  • Perfect for small kitchens: The disappearing door allows for one or more people to easily move around the kitchen.
  • Comfortable, rotating handle: The revolutionary Slide&Hide® handle is easy on the wrist so you can use it year after year, without strains.

NEFF Appliances with Slide&Hide®

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Latest Reviews on Slide&Hide® Ovens

Easy Baking For Me Now

Love my Neff. The oven fits perfectly in my new kitchen and the slide away door works beautifully, with the extra telescopic rails I purchased being the icing on the cake.

Love it!!!

Very impressed with the ease of operations, functions and features of the Neff oven. The slide and hide door combined with the roller racks, make this oven a dream for easliy and safely accessing whatever food is being cooked!

easy to use

great cooking school learnt so much

Great features

I have been using this oven for a couple of months now and am delighted with everything I've cooked - cakes baked evenly; moist roast chicken; slow-cooked casseroles, and pizzas are just perfect. The Information button is a great help in the early days, and the slide-and-hide door has made such a difference for a short person! Very happy indeed.

Great oven door and great grill.

I bought my new oven and it’s is excellent ,easy to set up ,quiet.Great oven door and looks sleek. Very happy

Best oven I have ever used!

I have been using this oven for 2 weeks now and it has produced the most moist, tender and tasty roast lamb with perfectly cooked roast vegetables - even the parsnips were very tender. My scones and apple crumble were moist with excellent texture. The oven cooks very evenly across all shelf positions and the door seal ensures that cooking smells (and heat) don't escape.


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