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Ovens & Compacts

Open sesame - the magic of Slide&Hide®

Get closer to your cooking with our unique Slide&Hide® door. It smoothly fits under the oven to provide plenty of room, as well as better access to what you're cooking.

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Ovens for every Cookaholic

Our ovens are exceptional because they have been designed by people who are passionate about food and love spending time in the kitchen. With functions to achieve perfect baking, roasting and cooking results, we have an oven for every requirement.


Our Ovens - warm to cooking creativity

With our range of ovens, we also put a range of possibilities at your fingertips. They come with up to 15 different heating methods from hot air grilling, bread baking, defrost through to plate warming. If you like to concetrate on cooking, our Pyrolytic cleaning feature will come handy. When pyrolytic self-cleaning is activated, food residue is reduced to ash at high temperatures. Once the oven has cooled, you simply wipe away the ash with a cloth. And that's just two features that make our ovens a favourite for cooking enthusiasts.

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Compact Ovens

Our Compact Ovens - the right size for great ideas

Our compact ovens range is just what you want for inspirational cooking. Coming with a wide range of features and innovative ideas, they may be compact - but they're unlimited when it comes to the possibilities these ovens open for you. You can steam, microwave or grill, bake pizzas or slow-roast meat. And with extras like TFT-colour displays for intuitive control or helpful baking programs, you can truly enjoy the art of cooking.

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Our Accessories - more than just utensils

When it comes to cooking with our cookers and ovens, you can let your imagination run free. Which is especially true for our range of accessories: ActiveClean baking trays, deep pans for roasting meat or combination grids. All of which are specially designed for our ovens - and give you all the freedom you need to enjoy cooking.

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