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Oven & Hob Set

Oven and hob

Setting the scene for your inspiration

Everyone's different, but the chances are we have an oven and hob set that suits you and the way you like to cook.The choice is yours - all of them combine neatly.

Our Oven and Hob Sets

Our range of sets is not just a combination of oven and hob. But a genuine match. So, it just what's needed when trying new meal ideas. Our sets provide you with the tools to turn food lovers dreams into reality.


Our Sets - combine your passions

Bake, roast, fry, steam or defrost - if your ideas about perapring delicious food seem endless, our set range lets you find the your very own combination to match. The sets allow for seamless integration into your kitchen, as these appliances are designed to blend in with stainless steel side trims and symmetrical glas visors.

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