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Wall Mounted Rangehoods

Built a wall against bad odours

Build a wall against bad odours

Smoke, steam and kitchen smells - if you prefer clean air when cooking, our broad range of wall installation rangehoods are a good bet for your kitchen.

NEFF Wall Mounted Rangehoods

Our wall mounted canopy rangehood coordinates with the styling of your kitchen and compliments your oven perfectly.

Our Box Chimneys - eye and odour-catching

Our Canopy Rangehoods - eye and odour-catching

Our Canopy Rangehoods are designed to make clear that you care about cooking. They're the focal point of any kitchen, and there most certainly is a design that suits your taste. And when the dinner is over, the AirFresh ventilation automatically takes care of the room climate. It can be set to ventilate the kitchen's air for five minutes every hour - ideal after a dinner party or a prolonged cooking session.

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