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Warming Drawers

Drawers that let you concentrate on cooking

Drawers that let you concentrate on cooking

If love to entertain family and friends when cooking, our warming drawers for cookware and food give you peace of mind, as you don't have to worry about food getting cold.

Warming Drawers - space for your ideas

Our Warming Drawers - cook with ease

Our Warming Drawers - cook with ease

Melt chocolate, prove bread and keep your meals warm before serving - our warming drawers are made to support you when cooking. Store up to 40 plates or 192 espresso cups in the large drawer, or keep up to 12 plates warm in the smaller variant. Use the three different settings for food warming and defrosting to simplify your cooking process. Or just keep cookware and utensil warm until all of your guests have arrived. Ready to serve? The sleek Push-Pull opening mechanism lets you serve dishes with ease.

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