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Accessories for NEFF home appliances

Equip your appliances and go conquer


Cooking should be fun. NEFF's online store offers a range of quality kitchen accessories to help you stay on top of things.

Expand your cooking repertoire

Expand your cooking repertoire

Do you have an inner pizzaiolo or master baker waiting to get out? As chefs, we're naturally curious, always trying new recipes and exploring new frontiers - even if your prefer home cuisine to the exotic. Either way, make sure you're properly equipped for new culinary challenges with NEFF's high quality cooking and baking accessories.

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Washing and drying - with added caring

Washing and drying - with added caring.

Over time we get emotionally attached to our linens and fabrics. We have our favourites - that Provencal napkin set, or the perfectly fitting designer jeans. You want your washers and dryers to treasure your clothes like you do. Well at NEFF we've got products to give your washing machine a bit more care factor.

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Your dishwasher can do more

Your dishwasher can do more

Dinner party night. It's time to shine. Out comes your best tableware and those fragile Danish wine glasses. You'll be too tired to hand-wash them later but can you trust your dishwasher? Well at NEFF we think about these things all the time, and we have products that help give you added protection and cleaning power, as well as mounts to load more items.

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Ideas to make your cooler cooler

Ideas to make your cooler cooler.

We like to enjoy a balanced diet these days, and that means having all types, shapes and sizes of food available. Keeping them neatly stored in your fridge or freezer can be difficult, but NEFF has a range of smart accessories that are designed to work with your cooler to keep your groceries fresh and easy to get at when you're rushing around trying to get dinner sorted.

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Got a problem with your NEFF appliance? Not any more: the NEFF Online Appliance Assistant is there to support you with fault diagnosis, tips and documents.

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Everything on maintenance and trouble-shooting as well as cleaning and repairing your NEFF appliance can be found in this section.

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