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NEFF warranties

Offering you peace of mind


We offer several warranty options for your NEFF appliance. With our extended warranty, your NEFF will be repaired free of charge after the 2-year manufacturer's warranty - for a further 3 years.

Love your NEFF? Extend its warranty

Love your NEFF? Extend its warranty

We want you to enjoy your NEFF for many years. That's why we have a 24-month manfacturer's warranty in place from the moment your NEFF is delivered. But if two years doesn't go far enough for you, we're pleased to offer the NEFF Extended Warranty for a further 36 months of guaranteed reliability.

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Additional MyNeff warranty benefits and general info about warranty extensions

Additional MyNEFF warranty benefits and general info about warranty extensions

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With NEFF Services you get an outstanding level of care with your appliance. A service that's reliable, competent and fast, both before and after your purchase.

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Got a problem with your NEFF appliance? Not any more: the NEFF Online Appliance Assistant is there to support you with fault diagnosis, tips and documents.

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