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Important safety notice – NEFF dishwashers (specified models)

Product Safety Repair Action

BSH Home Appliances Pty Ltd (BSH), the distributor of NEFF home appliances in Australia, has announced a product safety repair action for the specified models of NEFF branded dishwashers manufactured between February 2004 and June 2005.

Models of dishwashers which are not specified are not affected.

What’s the issue?

The affected dishwashers may potentially develop cracks in the printed circuit board within the control module.

What's the hazard?

Depending on individual operating circumstances, this could potentially lead to melting of soldering material or, in an unlikely event, ignition of a fire in the dishwasher.

What needs to happen?

BSH has set up a simple, fast and free in-home repair service for the affected dishwashers.

Can I still use my dishwasher?

BSH highly recommends that customers with affected products cease using their dishwasher immediately and switch it off at the socket outlet.

What should I do:

To find out if your dishwasher is included in this repair action, you’ll need to find your dishwasher’s model number then enter it into the fields below. Please refer to the two step process below on how to achieve this. You can also contact our NEFF Repair team on 1300 087 033 (please select option 3) or neff.au@bshg.com who can assist.

Your personal safety and continued satisfaction is of utmost important to us. Furthermore, BSH takes pride in offering safe products of high quality and we sincerely apologies for any inconvenience that this product safety repair action may cause.

Find out if your dishwasher is included in this Repair Action

1. Find Your Model Number

2. Book Your Repair

If your dishwasher model is included in the repair action list below, please contact the NEFF Customer Service Team on team on 1300 087 033 (please select option 3) or neff.au@bshg.com who can assist you with the next steps.

Operating hours: 24 hours a day between 7am Monday to midnight Friday AEST. Please have your model and variant number handy.

Models included in Repair Action