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Worktop Ventilation

Maximum headspace - minimum odours

Maximum headspace - minimum odours

Worried about steam and smoke blurring your idea of a great meal? Let our worktop extractor fans do their magic while you indulge in yours.

2 in 1: a cooktop and rangehood in one appliance

The perfect solution for an island bench setting with nothing overhead. The flexInduction cooktop with downdraft ventilation is every bit a cooktop, with all the features that make it a NEFF. But do you see that thing in the middle? That’s ventilation, for getting rid of steam and smells before they can spread around the kitchen.

NEFF Automatic Air Sensor

Automatic Air Sensor

The sensor controlled system monitors steam and odors and adjusts the ventilation power level automatically.

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NEFF Double FlexInduction

Double FlexInduction

Move your pots and pans anywhere within the FlexInduction zone. Their size and shape are automatically detected and heat is applied at their exact location.

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NEFF TwistPadFire®


Control your cooktop and ventillation settings using our removable magnetic TwistPadFire® dial. It’s extremely easy to use, all you have to do it place the dial in the centre of the control area and then tilt it towards the zone you want to activate. Once the zone is activated, twist to select the power level you want.

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NEFF Power Transfer

Power Transfer

Move pots anywhere in the double FlexZone and the setting will automatically move with them. All it takes is a single touch of a button.

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NEFF Power Move

Power Move

Divide the cooktop into three heat zones, each with a different power level so you can easily move a pot between intense heat at the front, simmering in the middle and a low, keep-warm temperature at the back.

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